Misinformation to Frequently Asked Questions

On the day that the Coalition for a Livable Sudbury hosts an information session, the City decided to manipulate the media by releasing a ‘FAQ’ as they are calling it. I would refer to it as ‘Misinformation to Frequently Asked Questions’ instead. On multiple occasions, the City claims this process is absolutely safe. Take this quote from our resident Chemist and Ferrochrome processing expert Mayor Brian Bigger.

This quote was published in the Sudbury Star.

While there have been concerns about the safety of hexavalent chromium, Bigger said chromium-6 is not part of the processing at the Outokumpu smelter.

“Chromium-6 is not produced by the process,” Bigger said. “(Noront’s) processes do not create any hazardous materials out of that process. That’s why it is the best technology in the world and that’s why we feel comfortable welcoming this plant into our community.”

Note, Chromium-6 is NOT produced. It’s totally safe then. Let’s take a look at what Noront has to say.

Adding low sulphur coal to the sealed furnace to minimize the conversion of chromium to hexavalent chromium and as a means to minimize sulphur  dioxide emissions;


Interesting. They plan to ‘minimize’, which would indicate there absolutely will be CR-VI. See, unlike the City of Sudbury, Noront is not trying to hide anything. They plan on building this plant regardless. It’s the City of Sudbury who plans to put lives at risk by making it as cheap as possible for Noront. Other ‘bids’ from other Cities and even the original Cliff’s Moose Mountain bid included the appropriate buffer mentioned by Noront. This was even discussed in Parliment by Timmins MP Charlie Angus when he stated concerns over the Coniston location were legitimate.

Community opposition raised legitimate questions about the environmental impacts of siting a smelter within city limits. Angus says this opposition from local citizens must be considered in the siting process.

When looking at the ‘City’s Bid’, parts of the selected site are NINE METERS away, talk about a buffer.

When pushed on this, the City’s response is always that ‘they have nothing to do with this as it’s a land transaction’. Nor do they call it a ‘bid’. It’s been lies and deceptions from the City from the start. So, venture to the City’s ‘MFAQ’ as you will. But be warned, read it with the littlest grain of salt. In the end, I might have enough lies and deception to publish a book. They are willing to put ALL their resources ahead of rezoning an ‘entertainment district’ but when it comes to this site they are hands off and have no control.



I hope everyone can make it out to the Information Session being hosted by CLS today in Coniston as you can have your own questions answered, regardless of your current position. Go educate yourself. Also, note that the City of Sudbury was invited multiple times to send a representative to this neutral event. Instead, they try to dominate the media with misinformation on the day of the event. I believe that might have come right out of Mr. Trump’s handbook.

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