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and a healthy community

build a sustainable future for sudbury


We are a group of dedicated volunteers from various walks of life, working together for a common goal.

Our goal is to ensure we protect the health of our citizens as well as our drinking water sources and push the City of Greater Sudbury to start thinking of the future. Our children need sustainable work for the future and a shift in strategy needs to occur now before it’s too late. 

Along with our dedicated groups of volunteers, we have gathered 579 signatures from supporters, surpassing our original goal of 500. As we continue to grow our supporters and partners, we will try to serve as a source for information for all things Ferrochrome affecting the Greater Sudbury Area.

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What have studies of environmental chromium contamination and human health found?
As with other population health studies, studies investigating cases where chromium contamination may have caused public health effects are inherently
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The Erin Brokovich Story
The film Erin Brockovich highlighted the now well-known example of long-term Cr-VI contamination of groundwater is Hinkley, California. From 1954
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Charlie speaks on Noront smelter plan in Parliament
Obviously, these remarks were followed up with plugs to the Timmins bid but you cannot ignore the legitimate facts made.
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You can mine chromium by going to a waste dump in South Africa
With the Ontario elections behind us, we saw quite a bit of interest from various parties involving the ring of
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