Noront is proposing to build a Ferrochrome smelter in Northern Ontario. Soon they will decide where to put it. One of the potential sites is right next to Coniston, within 2.5km of parks, schools, and the homes of 2500 people.  Concerned?  Write to Noront before they choose the location for the smelter.


Mr. Alan Coutts,

President and CEO,

Noront Resources

110 Yonge Street, Suite 400,

Toronto, Ontario 

Canada   M5C 1T4            

Email address: info@norontresources.com

Send email copies to:

Local print media:  editor@sudbury.comsud.letters@sunmedia.ca

Your mayor and councillors: brian.bigger@greatersudbury.camayor@greatersudbury.camark.signoretti@greatersudbury.camichael.vagnini@greatersudbury.cagerry.montpellier@greatersudbury.caevelyn.dutrisac@greatersudbury.carobert.kirwan@greatersudbury.ca;rene.lapierre@greatersudbury.camike.jakubo@greatersudbury.caal.sizer@greatersudbury.cadeb.mcintosh@greatersudbury.cafern.cormier@greatersudbury.calynne.reynolds@greatersudbury.cajoscelyne.landry-altmann@greatersudbury.ca

Some points you may wish to include:

– What are your concerns?  Health impacts for you and your family?  Ecological impacts?  How it fits with the regreening and revitalizing of Consiton?  Let them know.

– Ferrochrome smelting produces hexavalent chromium which is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as Group 1, carcinogenic to humans, with a well-established link to lung cancer.  

– Canada has no experience with Ferrochrome smelting.  There are many unknowns.

– 2500 people live within 2.5 km of the proposed site of the smelter.

– Many people have private drinking water sources downstream from the site.  Hexavalent chromium is very soluble in water.  If a flyer is going out to people downstream, name the lakes…

– The plant is intended to produce 560,000 tonnes of ferrochrome per year, which will also produce 616,000 – 1,064,000 tonnes of slag per year, stored on site, next to the Wahnapitae River.

What else can you do?

Talk to your friends and neighbours – encourage them to write letters as well.  Sign the petition at noferrochromesudbury.com and invite others to do the same. 

Put up a lawn sign – Contact Us

Join Save Coniston – contact us.

To talk to your counselor, you can also call 3-1-1.